The guesthouse offers horse riding. Both children and adults can ride. Many of those who ride with us are sitting on the horse for the first time in their lives, so the fears aren’t in place 🙂 We have a riding hall (a circular riding arena) right on the large garden of the guesthouse. Small children and beginners usually stay in the circular riding arena (a white wooden construction – on the pictures below). Older children can learn the basics of horseback riding through initial training. It is also possible to go for a walk in the surrounding countryside – you are guided by another person. Those who are really experienced can go on horseback with a second person on the other horse.

Horse riding options:

Driving with a conductor – at the riding hall (15 min) – ideal for smaller children around 3 years – 150 CZK

Driving with a conductor – at the riding hall (30 min) – 300 CZK

Training – at the riding hall (45 min) – 500 CZK

Walk out with a conductor (30 min) – 450 CZK

Ride out (60 min) – only for advanced riders – 600 CZK

All horseback rides are run at the participants‘ own risk.

If you are interested in a ride, please contact Lucie Hrabětová on +420 721 216 490 or in person.

We provide driving only to our accommodated guests. Thank you for your understanding.