In the pension we offer the possibility of horse riding. Small children, older children and adults can ride. Many of those who ride with us are sitting on a horse for the first time in their lives, so there is no need to worry. We have a circular riding hall right in the spacious garden. A walk through the surrounding countryside (also suitable for those who are riding a horse for the first time) guided by a second person is very popular. The really experienced can go out alone on a horse accompanied by a second person on a second horse.

We provide rides only on large horses. The horses are very calm and used to riding. You can admire the little ponies in the pens near the boarding house, and upon agreement you can bring them an apple or a carrot.

Horse riding options:

Driving with a guide – at the riding hall (15 min) – 250 CZK (each additional 15 min. for 250 CZK) – ideal for small children from approx. 3 years of age

Guided tour – walk outside (30 min) – 500 CZK – our most popular – ideal for children (from about 5 years old, when they can hold themselves nicely) and adults

Ride outside (60 min) – 700 CZK – only for experienced riders

Prices are for riding/teaching for 1 horse.

All horse rides are operated at the participants‘ own risk.

If you are interested in a ride, please contact Lucia Hrabětová on +420 721 216 490 or in person. We will also be happy to advise you on the appropriate selection of rides.

We provide driving only to our accommodated guests. Thank you for your understanding.